We carry our iPads around instead of a laptop, due to their lightweight and easy access. Why not use it to produce music too!

If you are a person who prefers to move around with the comfort of a lightweight, easily accessible and powerful gadget, then you may be one of those people who prefer to carry their iPad instead of their laptop. Now, by a miraculous and unlikely offshoot, if you do happen to share a passion to produce music, you are in for some great news!

Witness the Akai MPC Fly, an iPad case with built-in control pads for sampling, recording, mixing and producing music on the go! First seen at the NAMM exhibit in 2012, Akai MPC Fly created a whole new way of creating music sans the burden of any extra and heavy gear.

The lightweight and durable iPad case cum production kit comes with an MPC Fly app by Retronyms, which gives you a four-track mixer, a built-in sound library of samples and drum kits, 16 levels of sample playback, built-in effects and support for a variety of online services. It’s also compatible with any Core MIDI app on iOS.

This gadget is sure to be a crafty companion on the go!

You can buy the gadget here.