Facebook is giving video makers exactly what they have been looking forward to.

On Friday, the world’s biggest social media network announced that they have released thousands of exclusive audio tracks and sound effects that can ONLY be used to upload videos on Facebook and Instagram (sorry YouTube users). Titled “sound collection”, it is definitely a helpful tool for users to find the right track for their original videos, making it easier and quicker to upload their creation on both social media platforms without having to worry about copyright issues.

The audio tracks are a mix of vocals and instruments that span across genres like hip-hop, pop, jazz, and country. You can find the track of your choice by putting in required genre, mood, and length.

Facebook also released new tutorials and resources for creating 360-degree videos. It now offers a camera-loaning program where creators can borrow cameras such as the GoPro Fusion and ZCam S1 from the company for specific projects. The good news is that Facebook will also begin holding 360-video workshops worldwide next year. So you can learn all those neat tricks to shoot some pretty great videos at the music festivals you attend.

Facebook has been trying to build its own community of online video stars since it launched its “Live” streaming service in 2015. Earlier this year, Facebook launched “Watch”, a new hub for original video in its app. So far, creators could only make videos with text on the screen, so viewers could see them with the sound off. With this new addition, they can make the content more appealing and therefore more valuable.