DJs are more mysterious than us apparently!

Sunburn 10 has been on everyone’s mind as the festival is coming closer than ever with headliners that are out to fulfill our EDM-filled dreams. But do you know everything about them? If you don’t, you’re in luck because we know some particular things about these music producers. See if you can kick off these facts:

1. KSHMR Was Behind A Super Hit.

This one really took me by shock! Niles Hollowell-Dhar was one half of the duo producer group – The Cataracs, and their worldwide hit with Far East Movement, “Like A G6”, blew up at parties everywhere in 2010. Can you believe its been six (almost seven) years since you first heard the song!

2. Axwell^Ingrosso Are As Unique As Their Names.


These gents have played in the country before and will be making their way back. But, did you know Axwell has Tinnitus, a hearing defect where you hear an annoying hum even when there’s no sound. If that isn’t something huge, then check this out. Ingrosso would have rather been a football player, if not a musician. These guys never fail to surprise us.

3. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Are Loved By Pop Royalty.

The DJ duo were exceptionally excited when mother of Pop music, Lady Gaga, handpicked the two for a remix of her hit “Marry The Night” for it’s official remix! They have also mixed for other artist like Jennifer Lopez and LMFAO. The dudes seem to be doing an exceptional job at it too!

4. Afrojack Wants To Be On The Simpsons.


Amsterdam seems to be quite far away from America, but that doesn’t stop the DJ from dreaming about becoming a character on The Simpsons! He was quoted saying, “Most people don’t know that my life goal is to have a character on “The Simpsons. It sounds stupid, but that show is so dope.” We can’t deny that fact either!

5. Armin van Buuren Is Besties With The King of Netherlands.


The Dutch DJ has fans all over the world, but the list also includes the King and Queen of Netherlands! The DJ was personally asked to perform at the coronation ceremony of King Willem-Alexander and his wife, alongside the Royal Dutch Symphony Orchestra! Talk about fancy.

6. Nucleya Makes You Nacho Bollywood Style.

This Indian DJ knows how to get the crowd amped all the time, so it’s no shock that producers want to collaborate with the man. One such instance might take you by surprise. Nucleya was one of the people behind the Bollywood track “Let’s Nacho” from the movie Kapoor & Sons. When you hear the track after knowing this, the familiar sound we expect from the DJ is more prominent than before.

7. Zaeden Is Out Of The Box.


The young DJ will make you doubt your life’s existence considering he has achieved so much at such a young age, but people are often confused with his stage name. Apparently the name ‘Zaeden’ was created by the man and his manager and it means “out of the box thinking.” It’s definitely more unique than Sahil (his real name) and suits him really well.

8. AJJA Is One Skilled Guitarist, Thanks To His Parents.


This psy-trance DJ was actually tricked into playing music! He narrated a story where his parents asked him to pick an artists’ field to practice everyday in order to earn a living without a regular job. And the rest is history. At the tender age of 9, he would be seen carrying his guitar everywhere he went. #ParentGoals

9. Anish Sood Loves A Good House Party

(Credits: Arjun Mark)

It took Sood nine years to break into the music business and his most memorable nights include playing with David Guetta, touring with Steve Aoki and a friend’s private party! “There were like a hundred people in a small room; there were people dancing on the tables with their t-shirts off and stuff like that. It was too much fun.” Interesting indeed.

10. Haywyre Wanted To Write More Than Just Lyrics


One of the most adorable things we’ll ever know about Martin Vogt is that he wanted to be a writer. He would write rather cheesy stories inspired by the video game ‘Age of Empires’ in complete detail with a single story going up to at least 30 pages of people competing for land in the game. Geeky and how!

Did you know these facts? If you did, you there, are a pro (or a really good stalker).