Play. Eat. Play. Repeat.

If you’ve been overwhelmed by the number of artists taking the various stages at Sunburn 10 this year and, like a good EDM lover, want to know which tracks to keep in mind, then we have a perfectly curated list. Check it out:

1. KSHMR & Marnik Ft. Mitika: Mandala

Not only is this track the official Sunburn 2016 anthem, it’s an absolute rager. It perfectly encapsulates the Sunburn spirit with its upbeat tune and incredible video. You could listen to this one over and over again to relive the magic of Sunburn.

2. Armin van Buuren: I Live For That Energy

The Dutch DJ struck gold with this track that was included in his ‘A State Of Trance 800′ album. The song got so much attention that he had to release it separately from the album! Talk about the lengths these men go through for their fans.

3. Afrojack: Used To Have It All

Afrojack’s track has the best combination of lyrics, Fais’ gritty voice and a drop that’s just not as aggressive but fits it all in with total precision. The acoustic version of the same song is even more haunting. Make sure you listen to that one too.

4. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike: Stay A While

The track is quite different than the duo’s usual crazy club sound, but it’s a good change indeed! The track has a more chilled vibe, but the lyrics are much more meaningful than their previous ones. It’s still one that you can dance to, and with quite ease.

5. Axwell ^ Ingrosso: Thinking About You

Breaking up Swedish House Mafia was tragic but Axwell and his childhood bud, Ingrosso, hit all the right notes with this infectious track. You can hear their signature sound with different elements that are welcomed in our wide-opened EDM arms.

6. Lost Stories: False Promises

This one’s an oldie but a goodie. Long before their remix of ‘Faded’, the boys came out with this track that was taking over the underground music scene and with good reason. The track’s buildup is amazing, making the drop even more pronounced. We likey!

7. Zaeden: Magic Mix

This mix was so well done, it made it’s way to Hardwell’s radio channel when it came out almost two years ago! But it’s a classic. The young DJ sure knows how to make a large impact in just under five minutes.

8. AJJA: Starfall

If a trip is what you need, go no further. Let yourself be transported to a whole new dimention with this track that makes you wish you too were a damn good trance artist as soon as you hear it. Excuse us, we need a moment after that song.

9. Nucleya Ft. Gagan Mudgal: Bhayanak Atma

Perhaps the best track of all time (for me anyway) by this man has got to be this track. It’s got this massive energy that makes you want to get up and dance, no matter where you are or what time it is. And, it’s intro is pure genius. Bow down to the Bass King!

10. Bassjackers & MAKJ: DERP

This monster of a track is the reason why you’d feel like a meme with your facial expressions going to the dogs because of all that raging. They sure do turn the bass up with this one, but we don’t mind it at all.

11. Arjun Vagale: Let Me Lead You

Vagale has been making waves in the electronic music business since forever and even though this track is a newer release, it’s one that still sticks to his aesthetics a hundred per cent. The track has been played by international artists and the crowd love it.

12. Tom Swoon & Kerano Ft. Cimo Frankel: Here I Stand

Kerano teamed up with fellow DJ Swoon to work on this progressive house track and we’re beyond happy they did. The song’s lyrics are real and the vocals are just on point. If you don’t get goosebumps, you need to hear it till you do.

13. Anish Sood Ft Zoe Klinck: We Won’t Stay

Sood does it again with yet another house track that, without a doubt, is a club favourite. The sound of the drums is paired well within other layers of the track. That slow mid section is particularly good with the vocals being just high enough to be noticed. 10/10 for this one.

14. Haywyre: Smooth Criminal 

This track is the best version of the Michael Jackson track that we have heard. The DJ’s early days were all about covers, but he’s come a long way since then. We sure hope he does a few covers in the future, especially if they sound like this.

15. Avantika Bakshi: Full Moon Youth Mix

Bakshi’s beautiful mix of the Yuzon track, with the right balance of soft vocals and a slightly more deeper beat, is the song you need to listen to on your way to work/college to get into a mood. The track has been all over Soundcloud where people are downloading it like crazy. I think it’s time you do too.

16. Dannic & Sick Individuals: Feel Your Love

The track saw Dannic come together with Sick Individuals. It starts out at a good pace and then reaches the edge before the drop just takes over and there’s no coming back from there. You get sucked into an infectious track. Damn you talented Dutch DJs!

17. Sartek: Back to The Future

Sartek is the only Indian to have been signed on to Hardwell’s “Revealed Records” and, with this track, we understand why. The futuristic approach by him is not only evident in the track’s name but also the robot-like beat that blends right in.

18. Tom Swoon, Paris & Simo: Wait

The Polish native released this track about a year ago but still continues to be a fan-favourite on every streaming website possible. The song is so damn positive, your cold heart will start enjoying it as soon as you get through it.

19. Yotto

Winning Hottest Record of the Year by BBC was not enough for Yotto, who came out with this track that has been inspired by the hit series ‘Twin Peaks’. The song features a number of layers and progresses into a new sound every few minutes. It’s complicated, but in a way that seems natural and we’re digging it.

20. Pegboard Nerds: Disconnected

The track is reminiscent of the essential electro sound that started a few years ago with Crazy Frog but manages to manipulate the sound to suit their personality with a surprising element of dubstep. A track that will definitely be a hit with the festival-goers.

Keep these tracks on repeat and you’ll be sorted in life, the EDM life.