1st and 2nd February, 2020 is going to be one helluva weekend with the 13th edition of SulaFest happening in Nashik. Revellers are guaranteed to have an unforgettable time because there is a lot in store to keep you on your feet.

Apart from grooving to the beats of artists like Hop Chip, My Baby, Salim-Sulaiman, The Local Train, Doctor Dru, Electrophazz, Rumba De Bodas, Jah Sun & the Rising Tide, Voctronica, When Chai Met Toast, Kohra, The Spindoctor, you can look forward to engaging in a host of activities. Here are ten reasons why you need to book tickets to the SulaFest ASAP! Get your tickets here.

1) Hot Chip Debut In India

The english synth-pop band from London will be marking their debut in India with SulaFest. They released their seventh album (A Bath Full Of Ecstasy) last year, which was well received by critics. Outside of Hot Chip, the band members, individually and in partnership with each other, are active in other musical acts and occasionally perform DJ sets.

2) Salim-Sulaiman Bring The Bollywood Flavour

They’ve composed some of your favourite Bollywood tracks. And now they will set the SulaFest stage on fire. The brother duo have been composing infectious tracks for more than a decade now and we can’t wait to catch them live.

3) A Fun Introduction To Wines

There is more to wines than its stiff upper-lip representation in pop culture. Learn about the art of wine making from the experts and have a good time while you’re at it as well with games and interactive sessions.

4) Active Mornings To Overcome A Hangover

Gone are the days when music festivals were all about drinking and making merry. SulaFest has organised yoga and cycling sessions in the morning that will instantly cure your hangover and fill you with all the good oxygen you need to carry on with your day. Get ready to party all day long post that.

5) Did Somebody Say ‘Spa’?

The specially curated and immersive ‘Experience Zone’ is going to be one you won’t be tempted to skip. Head over to the Vino spa for a quick rejuvenation before heading back to the stages. You can also get your Tarot cards read at one of the stalls in the zone.

6) The Food Stalls Will Spoil You

Some of the best restaurants and cafes across the country will be lined up at the festival. Burgers, pizzas, chinese, wraps, cakes, fries; you name it and you will find it. The options are so tempting, even your dietician will forgive you for the double cheat day.

7) A Glass Full Of Fun

Let’s Clink Our Wine, Beer, Whisky, Rum, etc glasses together and celebrate the vibe of SulaFest. You have a rich choice between some of the smoothest wines from Sula and a fine variety of wines, beers and spirits from across the globe.

8) Retail Therapy Of The Best Kind

Stock up on some cool merchandise at the Flea Market at SulaFest. You’ll find a host of boutique brands showcasing their best products, which means you can get yourself a little souvenir as a reminder of your time at the festival.

9) Grape Stomping Is Tradition

SulaFest is incomplete without the necessary grape stomping. Being the harvest month, there is no better time to dip your feet and squash some juicy grapes around. It’s all part of the wine making procedure.

10) Contribute To The Environment

Environmental issues have been plaguing the world and there is a desperate need to take action before things go out of hand. Doing their bit for this noble cause, Sula Vineyards will plant a tree on your behalf for every ticket sold.

Date: 1st & 2nd February, 2020

Venue: Sula Vineyards, Nashik

Single day: 2,800 (Day pass)

Two days:  4,600 (2 day pass)

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