One of the most recognizable and hottest names in the psy-trance music scene is that of musical duo, Vini Vici. In just a couple of days, India is going to witness a one of a kind experience across 4 cities, as Vini Vici tour Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Hyderabad as part of their India tour.

As the country gears up in high anticipation, here are some fun facts for you fans to get to know your favorite artists a bit more.

1. Before Vini Vici, there was Sesto Sento

Not many know this but duo Aviram Saharai & Matan Kadosh were together as part of another successful project with Itai Spector, before they formed Vini Vici. Sesto Sento is a three-piece psytrance band that was popular for mixing old school sounds with futuristic ideas, and changing the landscape of psy-trance music.

The trio now includes producer & guitarist Dror Elkayam.

2. They became a staple name with the 2016 remix of Hilight Tribe’s ‘Free Tibet’

The video has over 95 million views, and is one of their most recognizable and popular tunes. At the time of its release, the track even made it to the No.2 spot on Beatport’s main chart.

3. Impressed by their sound, legend Armin Van Buuren recorded a track with them

‘Great Spirit’ has over 113 million views on YouTube and has been a crowd favorite since it came out in 2016. Armin Van Buuren had come across Vini Vici and was impressed with their unique sounds leading them to collaborate on this track.

Armin Van Buuren“I’ve wanted to work with Vini Vici ever since they embarked on the music scene. Few acts have such a well-defined signature sound” .

4. They’ve been hailed by many musical greats, one of them being Infected Mushroom

Two years after they formed Vini Vici, Infected Mushroom praised them saying they were, the best upcoming psytrance artists at the moment (2015)”.

5. Named ‘Fastest Climbing Act in the World’ by DJ Mag in 2018

Via: DJ Mag

Vini Vici jumped 38 spots from 2017 to 2018 on the DJ Mag Top 100 list, lauding them as the ‘Fastest Climbing Act in the World’.

Vini Vici arrive in India on 18th October and kick start their tour in Mumbai, followed by shows in Bangalore and Hyderabad on 18-20th October respectively.

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