Gaming will soon overtake every other entertainment industry sector in terms of revenue that means more people than ever will be gaming. Gaming has become an activity that even older folks enjoy in their free time now. Apart from casual gamers, competitive gaming scenes have also seen an influx of new and better players.

Why a good internet connection speed matters!

No mater how great you play or how skilled you are at a game. If your internet connection does something stupid when you’re in a competitive match, you can lose very easily. And not to mention, how fierce and competitive online gaming can be. You snap for a moment and you’ll see yourself getting demoted pretty soon in games like DOTA 2 or PUBG.

So it is necessary to have a good internet connection at all times, most importantly have a service provider who can fix issues really fast and which almost never slows down or goes out completely. This is vital, even a second loss due to lag can make you lose in a ranked match.

Apart from ranked matches, if you’re streaming and have a substantial following, you don’t want to go offline when you’re streaming, it’ll only have a negative effect on the fans.

How to check internet connection speed?

Your service provider might be providing a slower internet connection, and most of the time, we don’t even notice it. It is a serious problem, so it is good practice to keep doing regular speed tests. You can check your internet connection speed by going to, and you’ll get an accurate speed result.

Even casual gamers suffer from slow internet connections, though casual gamers don’t mind it that much. It can get really frustrating when your friend keeps killing you due to an incompetent internet connection. In this fast-paced day and age, it has become more important than ever to have a good internet connection, not a decent one, a good one.

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