In a recent interview, 24kGoldn revealed his feature price, and the entire hip-hop community was laughing. Now there’s nothing wrong in charging such a; large sum of money for a feature, but you also have to bring in the star power for the amount of money you’ve been charging. And 24kGoldn, though he had a big song, he isn’t the most well-known rapper out there right now.

24kGoldn’s hillarious claims

24kGoldn had a number song a couple of months ago, it is probably one of the biggest songs of this year and it featured Iann Dior and 24kGoldn. The song helped him become a mainstream rapper fairly quickly and since then he has had a good run. But not a phenomenal run, his album only sold 22k first week, and most of the sales came from the number 1 song.

So even when he had a charting song, his album didn’t perform well. To top that off, not even a single song from the album came close enough to charting to the same level Mood charted. 24kGoldn just might be another one-hit wonder who fades into the industry, never to be heard of again.

But he made really bold claim recently, wherein he said that he charges 175,000 dollars for a feature. Why does it sound crazy? well, Lil Baby, one of the hottest rappers right now, and from last year, charged less than 100k for a feature. Lil Tjay, who is a bigger star than 24kGoldn charges 100k, and people made fun of him as well, as no one believed. So when 24kGoldn makes such claims, obviously fans are going to laugh!

He might’ve earned that much from a feature when he was blowing, but you can’t give a one-time salary figure and say it’s what you always charge. For example, if you’re a salesman, and you earned a little extra 5k more this month, but you usually earn 10k every month. so will you claim that you earn 15k every month? That’s the situation 24kGoldn might be in.

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