Nintendo Switch has seen massive success with its games such as Pokemon sword and shield and Mario games. The Nintendo company will want to keep the steam going. The Switch will be getting a lot of new and old titles this year, many new franchises will come and many old franchises will make a comeback, let’s take a look at which games are the most highly anticipated!

Upcoming Nintendo Switch games

Pokemon Brilliant Dimaond and Shinning Pearl

The 4th generation games of the Pokemon franchise were probably the best ones and finally, it is getting a remake for the switch. Gamefreak has decided to keep the original style and has polished the gameplay. It is one of the best upcoming Nintendo Switch games!

Mario + Rabids: Sparks of hope

The unlikely collab of the Nintendo and Unisoft characters will be coming to the switch pretty soon. The Rabids and Mario will team up once again but this time is a bigger world where the enemies are even powerful and evil. The game has been the staple of Nintendo for years and we hope this new addition will be a great one!

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Legends Arceus holds the power to change the gaming scene forever, if gamefreak can pull off such a massive project they’ll go down in history books as one of the best gaming studios. The Legends Arceus game plans to let you experience the Pokemon world like never before, and we hope it is as good as it was advertised to be. For this reason alone it made it on its list of the most highly anticipated upcoming Nintendo switch games!

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