In Mid March, a brand new venue opened in Thailand that is sure to become a hot spot for dance music lovers from all over the world. 

Mumu Clubhouse is a real paradise amongst towering palm trees and the largest lagoon waterpark in the region. It has bespoke and boutique design, a world class sound system and sympathetic lighting that makes the night time parties extra special. 

By day you can sip on cocktails, chill in cabanas and eat delicious food, and for the opening party James Jones was in town to serve up a superb set of fresh tech house and endless grooves. 

A key part of any great event is always going to be the residents, and the Mumu residents very much set a superb tone with the tasteful sounds. Leo G, Meltmode & Psynus, Rec ’N Cue & Wildealer and Zoárd all impressed and got this new venue under way in epic fashion. 

Here are some shots that show you what you’re missing. 

Instagram: @mumuclubhouse