Ahh, the topic of Minecraft dimensions has been floating around in every Minecraft player’s mind for a long time now. Ever since the two primary dimensions, the Nether, and the End, became a part of the game, fans wondered, could there be more? And there should be more, these places open up a whole new world for the players to explore, and we have some juicy information regarding new dimensions that will surely come!

New dimensions in Minecraft!

minecraft dimensions

The fans of the game should be grateful to the developers at Mojang as they very often share with the fans the progress they’ve made and their plans for the future. Though they might not put out information directly, they always hint towards something new.

So in a recent conversation with the devs on Twitter and their Youtube channels, many fans asked for new dimensions. To that, every developer responded with the same line. ‘We want to add more content to the game obviously, but we won’t start something new without updating the older features” After this statement, we got the Nether update which revamped the Nether.

Next in line is the End Update, which probably is just around the corner and may get announced at Minecon this year. Read more about it here – Minecraft 1.19 Update will be the End Update, Confirmed!

The devs mentioned that they want newer dimensions, but they are waiting to improve all the outdated aspects of the game. Kingbdogz, who created the Ether dimension mod, is now a dev at Mojang, so obviously, he’ll try to bring in new and exciting ideas! But we will get more unique dimensions in the future.