It feels like just a couple of days ago w were getting excited for the Minecraft Live 2022, and it’s 2021 already and we have a new Minecraft Live at our doorstep! So as any Minecraft fan will tell you, this is the most exciting time of the year for us Minecraft fans as we get new updates, new mobs, and possibly new biomes and areas in the game!

End Update Finally!

The 1.119 updates will be an end update quite probably, there is a decent chance of it happening. The Minecraft live 2021 trailer was foreshadowing all the end dimension-related items and mobs, which only means one thing, an End Update!

The same happened for caves and cliffs, the Minecraft live 2020 trailer showcased small glimpses of the new cave and cliffs, not many noticed it buy those who did knew what was coming. And the same thing is happening all over again!

Minecraft Devs had clearly stated that they want to update every dimension before going about making new ones, the end dimension is the only place that needs an update, everything else is up to the mark already, so this is it, 1.119 will be the end update!

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