Before 6ix9ine burst up upon the hip hop scene with his clownish demeanor and the extremely violent gang. There was one rapper who tried this formula and succeeded for a short while before falling back into irrelevancy. The rapper went by the name of Stitches, he was a weird dude and did even more crazy stuff than 6ix9ine could ever dream of, but where is he now, and why is he making Trump songs?

Stitches the white supremacist rapper

Stitches has a stitches tattoo on his face so that he could avoid snitching on his gang. So he’s the complete opposite of the 6ix9ine who ratted on his entire gang. Stitches first blew up almost 5-6 years ago with the song Brick in yo face! The song was about Bricks, which is slang for a kilogram of cocaine, which is really weird because the USA uses pounds. Regardless of the unit of measurement, the song was about putting a brick in your face.

The next songs he put out were also about selling bricks, doing bricks, and most importantly, putting bricks in your face. At a show stitches was seen giving away bricks to his fans while rapping. This was later on revealed to be a stunt, as the bricks had flour in them.

Stitches tried his hand on music for a while. But only talking about bricks wasn’t going to make him any more popular, he started to fade away into oblivion, so he pulled the most ridiculous stunt. He said he was having sexual relations with Kylie Jenner, which was underage at that time, he was taking shots at Tyga allegedly. But this didn’t take him anywhere as he was bound to lose.

Nowadays his music sounds decent, nothing great, but for some reason now he has become a staunch Trump supporter and makes songs about Trump. His lyrics are weird, to say the least, you should check it out

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