Lawntuba is ready to enchant you with their name, humour and most importantly their music.

It used to be just two musicians playing to their heart’s content who later, found profound meaning with the other members. The four-pieces of this musical puzzle, which completes to form Lawntuba, are Siddhant Vernekar (Vocals, lyrics, Guitars), Krishna Purohit (Vocals, Guitars, MIDI keyboard, Samplers, Production), Shalom Benjamin (Bass) and Aarifah Rebello (Drums, Percussion). Check out their sound here.

After performing at various places like antiSOCIAL, Tuning Fork, Sofar Sounds and BandCamp, they recently played at Control ALT Delete 10.0 and later, described it as a ‘magical’ experience. What’s interesting is that their gig at antiSOCIAL didn’t go as well as they wished it would and they almost broke up as a result. Like all fighters and ultimate achievers, they managed to get back up and try, and the end result is just beautiful and enchanting. As they said, “We’re learning with every new show we do. And almost every time we’re just not satisfied with our performance. We need to get better. But this last year felt as if the scene opened its arms to us and it’s quite a fun scene to be a part of.”


If you were wondering about the meaning behind their moniker, let us assure you that you were right in thinking that. However, ‘Lawntuba’ has no particular meaning. “We wanted something that sounded like a spell or a chant with no particular meaning but the more you say it, the more imagery it would produce in your head,” revealed Lawntuba. Judging by the way we’re enchanted by them, we would say their purpose has been achieved.

Working with Baroque Pop, Neo-Psychedelia, Synth Pop and Dreampop, they are currently trying to inculcate Avant-Garde/modern classical music into their work. It’s amazing how four different people, driven by their own goals and aspirations have come together and become stepping stones for each others’ success. Siddhant wanted to be a musician, “when I heard a friend make some amazing music from his bedroom.” Krishna Purohit wanted to pursue music ever since he listened to Sandstorm by Darude while Shalom started to believe in music when he “lost faith in BJP.” If you’ve been keeping up with the Sherp, you must know the drummer for this band, Aarifah Rebello.

Credits: Rajeev Chico Roy

It has been only a year since their On Silver Clouds EP came out. They were featured by The Hindu for the same. About their journey (or is it?) so far, they said, ” It feels more of a daily commute rather than a journey. There is so much to do and achieve. The years leading up to the EP release were especially difficult and testing. Those were the years when none of us knew if any of the music would bear fruit of any kind”.



What’s adorable is that they have some really great advice for budding musicians.

Shalom Benjamin said, “Musicians, after mastering their respective instruments, should work on identifying their own style, identifying those elements that define their sound and being consistent with it. Do not think of accepted popular norms and trends and let those shape your music. You set the trend.”

Aarifah’s advice has been “It won’t be comfortable at all to keep on doing music but DO NOT STOP. AT ALL”.

Credits: Rajeev Chico Roy

The “deets” for their next gig, which will take place in Gujarat, this April, will be shared soon. So, keep an eye out for them over here.