Lose yourselves in the immersive sounds of Cat Kamikazee!

The Pune-based act is a post-rock /progressive rock band formed at the end of 2015. The group of four- all of whom are in their early 20s– have created quite a buzz around the music scene with their unique sound. Their aim is to immerse themselves and their listeners into a “free and abstract space without pushing ideologies that can have a potentially limiting effect.”

When asked about their moniker, the members of the band will tell you of their musical beliefs. To them, their music is an ever-changing, ever-evolving life form that cannot, and will not be compartmentalized into any particular category. “Music to us is limitless and never constant, and we thought that cats, with their mysterious and ever-changing personalities, represent our music perfectly.” The ‘Kamikazee’ is courtesy of their bassist Sameer, a man infatuated by Japanese history and culture, who is close to fluent in the language.

Listen to their track Life of A Revelation here!

With a musical journey that started at the same time and in the same space, each member of the band comes from a classical music background, which they aim to integrate and emulate with their music today. Both Sameer (bassist) and Ameya (guitarist) started their musical journey through Hindustani classical music, after being encouraged by their parents. Kunal (drummer) first took up drums when the drummer of the gospel band at his Church moved to another city.We had a deep desire to innovate, break the norm and do something new. In fact, the idea of Cat Kamikazee was conceptualized once we realized that if we had to grow as musicians we had to go out there and make something that we’ve never heard before.”

Each member has very diverse influences, that morph, and change with time. This factor is heavily reflected in their music. “When we were recording our debut EP (Raining Cats), we were very influenced by post-rock bands like Mogwai, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros and progressive rock bands like Steven Wilson, Pangea, Rush, Yes and The Aristocrats.” However, the band has since moved on from these genres and is currently experimenting with newer sounds. “Since the EP launch, we have written three more songs, which are more in the realm of progressive metal, electronica and math rock. We think this is due to each member finding their own sound and then combining it with what the others have to say to create something totally new.” They quote.


With a number of incredible gigs accredited to their name, the band has performed at major venues in 6 cities including Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hampi, Hyderabad and Delhi. With only a year as an active band, we cannot wait to see what their future holds in store! “The journey so far had been fantastic. It has had a profound impact on us as people and taught us the value of patience and persistence and to continue no matter the circumstances.”

You can catch the band performing at AntiSocial in Khar on the 7th of June, 2017, and at Hard Rock Cafe, Pune on the 15th of June, 2017.

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All image credits are courtesy of the Artist.