The Games are all about beer, food and unlimited fun.

Trippy Tuesdays is back and this time we have a very special festival that will clearly state why the Southern American know how to have fun!

The Summer Redneck Games had quite an important founding story. When news about Atlanta winning the bid of hosting the 1996 Olympic Games was announced, a number of people criticised the choice and stated that the rednecks would organise it and in a derogatory manner.


As a sign of protest, The Summer Redneck Games were held in 1996 in East Dublin, Georgia. Numbers for the crowd were estimated to be a few hundred but over 5,000 individuals turned up at the venue! The tradition has since then been continued with sponsor support and it’s filled with the most unlikely sports!

The Games include bobbing for pig’s feet, a wet t-shirt contest, watermelon seed spitting, cigarette flipping, Redneck horseshoes (substituting real horseshoes for toilet seats), armpit serenade and finally, a mud puddle belly flop! The winners win a special trophy too, a half crushed beer can! Money isn’t a huge deal at the festival and that’s refreshing a.f.

A special feature, spotted rarely, is the Redneck Wedding where a bride and her groom jump into the mud pit and wrestle before the whole wedding party jumps in to join the fun! The Games were started by Elbow, the town’s radio station manager and he can be easily spotted at the event with his beer can torch and plain overalls while he takes a ton of pictures with the attendees.


His torch is used to light the barbecue that’s filled with meat, veggies and an endless supply of cold beer. The venue is booming with the loud roar of music playing in the background and this is definitely more affordable than attending the official Olympic Games.

Now go and get that competitive spirit pumped for the belly flop!