The rock legend may make his way back to India this year!

2011 was a good year when Bryan Adams carried out a 5-city tour in India and swept everyone off their feet with his greatest hits. Now it seems like the singer is making his way back to the country for another performance!

The ‘Summer of 69’ singer uploaded a rather obvious post on his Instagram page of the back of an Indian truck labelled with his track. Check it out:

It isn’t a shock that the singer is back in the country since a few years ago he was quoted saying, “I really want to come back to India. I have actually wanted to visit the country since a long time. If we can get a promoter there to bring us back, it would be great. I still remember the live concert I did in India. My Indian fans write to me all the time on Facebook, asking when I’m coming back. I wish I could say that it was a ride away, but we need to get a promoter first. I wish someone puts up a petition on Facebook, and people sign it. Then, I can get promoters excited about it.”

The singer is currently on his global tour and will be making a stop in the UAE next month itself. Maybe he’ll catch a quick flight to India for a few shows!

Well, it better be true because we’re already on cloud number nine!