The mobile gaming industry has exploded into the gaming scene. The gaming industry was big on its own but recent innovations in mobile technologies have pushed the technical specifications of smartphones to the extent that PC games and Mobile games look almost identical

The future of gaming is mobile and we today have a list of the top 5 free mobile games that are available to play free right now!

Top 5 Free mobile games

Last Day on Earth: Survival

This game will resonate with every player due to its story. In the year 2027, an unknown virus emerged, and before anything could be done, the virus almost destroyed the entire human race. The situations which we are currently living in are similar to some extent

The game focuses on survival hence the name, there also brain-eating zombies which will try to devour you. The game is an editor choice game and definitely a must-play

Call of duty: Mobile

Who would have imagined that we would get the COD experience on our tiny smartphone, but we have it now? The call of duty games has the best graphics that the mobile gaming world has seen.

There are various modes that you can play in, and the controls are so good, every hit is satisfying. Overall it is one of the best games ever to come not only on mobile but on any device!

EA’s real racing

Real racing is undoubtedly the best car racing game available on the mobile platform. Ever since it came out, players were blown away by the great graphics that the game had.

The game is available to download for free, the trailer shows how the game looks and we assure you it will be the best racing experience you’ll have on mobile

Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go burst onto the scene like a pro, almost everyone was playing this game in 2017. We finally could live the pokemon trainer lifestyle. Since then the craze has reduced, but it still has a pretty large user base!

There are new updates every month and new pokemon keep getting added. And with the inclusion of Raid battles the game has become even better than better.


Minecraft is the king of gaming. It has somehow managed to stay relevant even after a decade and keeps getting updated. It has by far the biggest community surrounding and still continues to keep growing.

The game runs flawlessly on mobile, and is a must play.

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