The Minecraft community is one of the largest in the gaming world. There are multiple servers to choose from when playing online. But today we would like to focus mainly on role-playing servers, where you can immerse yourself in the fictional world created by the moderators.

The list will include 3 servers that have been increasing in popularity this year and have a good amount of players to compete with. And most importantly they will have great builds and locations to play in!

Top 3 Minecraft role-playing servers of 2021

Island Clash

Island clash is loosely based on the world of clash of clans. The server provides you with an island where you have to start improving yourr base. Join with other players and try to defend and invade other islands.

The main objective of the game is to gather enough resources so you could unlock new buildings and gear. You will have to spend a decent amount of time in the mines. But the server is really fun to play in, and the community surrounding it is also pretty good.

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Democracy Craft

Democracy craft is based on our real life. As soon as you join the game, you will be dropped in a gorgeous city full of different people. This person will have a different job title over their head, and you can get one to by giving exams!

There are annual elections and other fun stuff where the entire community participates in. And the best part of the servers is cars. The servers have cars and airplanes which can only be used if you have a license!

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There’s no server that comes even remotely close to Wyncraft. They have been refining the server for 6+ years now. This is easily the best MMO RPG experience available in Minecraft

There are different classes that you can choose from, and start your journey in this medieval world. The soundtrack, the texture pack, the NPC’s, and the skins are all custom-made. You’ll have a blast playing this one!

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Recommended – Minecraft 1.17 Snapshot 21w08a Deepslate & Enhanced Cave Generation