Minecraft Java edition didn’t get a new snapshot yesterday, but to everyone’s surprise, the Minecraft bedrock dev team decided to drop a new beta today and it has finally added new mountains. The mountains are gigantic and almost 5 new variants have been added!


Minecraft Bedrock Beta

The Minecraft bedrock team is different from the java team as they both write different languages in code. Hence the time needed for the developement of the updates is different for both the versions

The bedrock edition got a massive overhaul today in the form of a mountain. As you can see these mountains seem gigantic in front of the old one. The old mountain generation seems puny in comparison to the newly added cliffs!



The cliffs are generating really rarely right now and as there is no BIOM LOCATE command in bedrock it becomes harder to find the new cliffs. But many have found it and they look beautiful.

The mountains are covered in snow at the peaks. There is a mixture of regular snow and powdered snow, due to which you might fall through the blocks and get the frozen debuff. The highest peaks go really high, up to y-level 220!

But this is just the beginning as more changes will be added and even better biomes and cliffs will make their way into the game. This youtube video shows how great the generation will look in the final update! The Minecraft team has started to developed great updates as a new possible Minecraft killer is around the corner called Hytale

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