The Canadian Trio Killing it in Holland!

Tom Sawyer is a real trademark song for the band. Musically it’s extremely powerful and lyrically it has a spirit that resonates with a lot of people. It’s kind of an anthem for their fans! The progressive rock band-Rush, originally released the song on their 1981 album Moving Pictures as its opener. Lee has referred to the track as the band’s “defining piece of music…from the early ’80s”. It is one of Rush’s best-known songs and a staple of both classic rock radio and Rush’s live performances, having been played on every concert tour since its release.

The song was written by Lee, Peart, and guitarist Alex Lifeson in collaboration with lyricist Pye Dubois of the band Max Webster, who also co-wrote the Rush songs “Force Ten”, “Between Sun and Moon”, and “Test For Echo”.

Credits : Youtube

The 2007–2008 Snakes & Arrows Tour included a video intro for the song featuring characters from the TV series South Park. The sequence shows Cartman, Kyle, Stan and Kenny, referred to as “Lil’ Rush”, attempting to play the song, which Cartman sings incorrectly. He makes up lyrics to the song (“Modern day warrior today’s Tom Sawyer, floated down the river on a raft with a black guy”), Kyle interrupts him, informing him that he’s recalling the plot of Huckleberry Finn, not Tom Sawyer.

He is told to start the song over, at which point Rush would begin playing the song! The video was made specifically for Rush and was not broadcast. 

With Geddy Lee’s synthesizer playing, Alex Lifeson’s lead and Neil Peart’s drumming to odd time signatures, this masterpiece performance is one to remember! 

Check out the spectacular show here below!