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UPPERGROUND unleashes its first ARTBAT release of 2023 which is an emotive and powerful collaboration with Fred Lenix, where they combined to create the haunting and dark single ‘Dreamcatcher’.
ARTBAT stride into 2023 in determined fashion as they deliver their new single ‘Dreamcatcher’ which is a collaboration with the up and coming Brazilian born, Turkey based artist Fred Lenix. Lenix who has not only been garnering support from the industry’s leading artists, has also become a welcomed addition to the UPPERGROUND family. He recently toured India with ARTBAT, which followed on from his very well received performances on previous label events, one of which was the recent showcase at New Year at Zamna in Tulum, where Dreamcatcher was first aired to an audience and created a sizable buzz, and this is now set to be another strong release for Fred Lenix, and the Ukrainian duo and their imprint.
‘Dreamcatcher’ is a dark and brooding powerful track with ominous and stark synths giving this a deep and harrowing musical feeling with the cyborg vocal delivering the finishing touch of a deep and profound journey from which you emerge energised.
Artist(s): ARTBAT, Fred Lenix
Title: Dreamcatcher
Cat.Number: UPND009
Release Date: 10th February 2023

1) Dreamcatcher