PLAY Fashion, Music, and Art Festival is going to be a grand show in Kolkata! PLAY summer resort edition promises to bring together the best of fashion and creative art, at a holistic retreat for a venue.

From a unique variety of artists, styles, designs and fashion shows, PLAY will offer an exciting event for its exclusive guests! And with VIPs on the guest list, there is the wonderful scope of you being a part of the PLAY-ful crowd as well!

A diverse people in PLAY’s first edition, from many walks of the community will join hands to witness Kristy de Cunha’s collection, Miss V’s party vibes, and more, every corner of PLAY Fest. What makes PLAY different is that it not only unites just the world of fashion with its most-loved faces, but blurs lines between all creative art – combining musicians, artists, entrepreneurs, and more. Many celebrities and renowned faces are expected to make the festival grandiose – and with the dedicated efforts of the PLAY team, the event has been taking shape with great smoothness.

Credits : Play Fest

Not only are the music and art and fashion the main attractions but there is a promise of a wonderful setup. Setup and design of the two stages at the venue has been done by the Onseed Art Collective. They are very well known for putting up installations that are custom designed to suit the specific needs of their clients’ requirements. Having earlier designed the grandstanding Sunburn Music Festival’s stage, you can rest assured that the stages will be nothing short of magnificent.

Ram Indranil Kamath is recognized in creative circles for his paintings based on mythological tales, and expressing updated currents of time through his paintings and art. His colourful, dynamic glass paintings are produced after detailed research of his subjects, texts, and literary examples.

Like all festivals, PLAY has a lot to offer. Let’s mark out the highlights to give you an insight into the Fashion, Music, and Art Festival:

The Vedic Village will play host to PLAY! It is a boutique getaway that combines natural beauty and manicured spaces for outdoor fun. And with such a venue, PLAY will most certainly be able to deliver a fashionable relief from summer.

Credits : Play Fest

Since the PLAY community will be coming together for the first time, lots of pre-events will be held before the main event. The exclusive guests will be attending sit-down dinners, take part in beer drinking competitions, and more. PLAY asserts social responsibility, and in its venture against drinking and driving, has partnered with GKOL Buses who will drop guests to and from the venue.

Bringing in the glamour of show business and hip-vibes of electronic music, in a setting made from recycled and up-cycled art, all PLAY-mates (as PLAY is calling their guests) will enjoy choreographed walks to insane background scores and live performances!

Kristy de Cunha will bring her ‘Alice in Wonderland’ collection to life as the opening show. Since her debut at Lakme Fashion Week 2014, she has been weaving magic as a designer and fashion consultant. Featuring with her is the electro-funk duo, Madboy Mink, who widely popularized disco, punk, and soul. Madboy Mink will get the party started at Vedic Village, bringing Cunha’s Alice to life.

Credits : Play Fest

‘Al-bari’, means the evolver, in Urdu. Aptly titled, Arifa Akhter’s collection for the show is a fine amalgam of inspiration and creativity. A live performance by Miss V, to balance the ‘evolution’ of creativity soul and RnB music, will definitely transport the audience into an amazing rhythmic space.

Kohra, popular for their hypnotic underground dance music, and performances, will be coming together with Ken Ferns, the renowned fashion designer when he showcases his collection- ‘SODA’, at PLAY. When a designer in the world of Bollywood and Kannada cinema combines skill and talent with the creative genius that Kohra promises, the guests should expect nothing short of the grandest of finales.

Credits : Play Fest

Special features at the festival, like the after-party for the guests and designers, performers, models, musicians, and the PLAY community with performances by SHFT, give the guests a chance to explore all types of sounds and rhythmic compositions that one rarely comes across on a daily basis. The combination of Western Classical and contemporary jazz will cater to all music lovers.

In its attempt to stitch fashion, music, and art, to form a community which creates possibilities, and sustains and celebrates what already is – PLAY is going to be a festival of grand proportions.

Credits : Play Fest

The first pre-party will be held on 16th June 2017, at Phoenix, the Astor Hotel!
Monophonik will be taking the stage and making sure that you get your feet moving to his music! So Be There!