It’s time to start growing those beards, people!

We all have that one friend who is oh-so-proud of his beard and will not let go of it no matter how much of a pain it is to him and everyone around him. It’s like he is growing something in there! For all you know, he just might be! His ”poor” girlfriend has to deal with the additional itching and scratching everytime they have some alone time.

Well, turns out that one friend might just be the one to get you a discount on your favourite food and drinks! The Bhookha Beirdo, a travel inspired cafe in Bandra, seems to have a thing for bearded men. Situated in the heart of Pali Hill, this little cafe welcomes you to its cosy little aboard along with your pretty bearded friends. From short and stylish to full-on hipster, the bigger the beard the bigger the discounts!

Based on the size of your beard, start up beards gets 5% off, Caveman beards get 10% off and Gandalf beards get 15% off.

But guys aren’t the only ones in for a treat so ladies don’t get jealous! Turns out they are biased towards long hair too. So if you’re one of those girls bearing the heat to grow those long locks, then your reward is here. basic long hair gets 5% off, waisted hair gets 10% off and Rapunzel hair gets 15% off.

So, what are you waiting for?

Check out the video below to know more:


Check out Bhookha Beirdo’s Facebook page here.