The festival was quite a hit and we can prove it!

2016 witnessed the best possible edition till date for A Day of sLick! with the festival making its debut in the fun state of Goa for two days and non stop dancing on the 26th and 27th of December. The event was off the hook and we can show you the fun pictures that followed:

1. Take A Moment To Appreciate The Beauty Of Goa.

2. It Looked Even Better After Sundown.

3. Priyanjana Got The Crowd Going.

4. And People Danced The Night Away.

5. Dustin Zahn Was in The Zone.

6. Love Was In The Air Too.

7. Patrice Bäumel’s Set Was A Dream.

8. Selfies Were Nothing, As Compared to These Shots.

9. Everyone Grooved With Tijana On The Floor.

10. Mid-Dance Shots > Selfies.

11. Dress Code: Unique As Can Be.

12. “Should I Get A Drink Or Keep Dancing?”

13. Sequ3l Worked That Console To The Max.

14. Besties Were Dressed To Impress.

15. Deniz Bul Killed It. I Mean, Just Look At Him!

16. Someone Managed To Take A Look At The Set List!

17. Shaun Moses Was Caught Off  Guard.

18. Kusai Just Jumped Back In From The Matrix.

19. Everyone Wanted To Capture The Moment.

20. Just Look At All Those Happy Faces.

21. Here’s Milano Taking His Music Very Seriously.

22. Boris Brejcha Was The Bomb Dot Com.

23. Ann Clue Got A Dance Ovation!

24. The Top Down View Was Pretty Sweet.

25. And Then, All Too Soon, It Was Over *sigh*.

(All images courtesy – sLick!)