One of the most celebrated Indian electronic music producers, Shivv continues to bowl us over with his talents!

We will never forget that Shivv was on the main stage at Ultra Music Festival Miami with Mykris, waving the Indian flag. With every song he gets recognition for, we are filled with pride and joy! Shivv has had a great career in music and we cannot wait to see what lies ahead as his music is eerily amazing!

Now, as part of his birthday celebrations, Shivv revealed his brand new EP ‘No Lipstick No Love’ which is available for free download. This is a two-track EP which is a reflection of his hard work and it has resulted in a majestic musical experience with bass. The first track ‘Blinded’ sees a melodic mixture of piano and bass with Shivv’s sublime vocals! It hits listeners hard when they least expecting it!

‘No Lipstick No Love’ is the second and final track on the EP, to which everyone will sway their heads, thanks to it’s dubstep-infused tunes! Needless to say, Shivv has done an amazing job in creating the music and providing the vocals for it!

Remember to download the EP and stream it below: