The Rainbow Serpent Festival is just around the corner. Delve into the many immersive facets of the festival below!

One of the most anticipated underground electronic festivals in the southern hemisphere, Rainbow Serpent is every traveler’s dream. It diverges from the usual mass-y and commercialized music festivals and creates its own space – a space that is laid back and flamboyant, seeing no more than about 10,000 attendees every year. Featuring an eclectic lineup consisting of psytrance, house and techno acts, there’s much to look forward to at Rainbow Serpent. The festival, very recently, was the first to embrace the method of pill-testing at music festivals. Read more about it here.

Based on the creation figure in the aborginal mythologies, ‘Rainbow Serpent’  as a name, has deep roots in the mystical history of the Aborigines. Another distinctive thing about the Rainbow Serpent Festival is the fact that music is a prevalent force – mostly electronic-based, the music runs 24 hours per day over four days, across five stages.

The festival also offers a wide range of camping options from tepees, and regular tents to Mongolian-style yurt/gers. You don’t have to set up shop by yourself or clean up afterwards, once you vacate your tent, organizers will take it down. However, environment preservation is taken seriously by the organizers. Festival goers are encouraged to only bring what they need over the four days, while every car that arrives also receives a bag for camp-site recycling in exchange for a $5 deposit, which is refunded at the end of the event when you return the bag with your recyclables.

The organic nature of the festival extends to the stalls on the festival grounds, which sell a lot of handmade items and sustainable products. If you’re looking for an amiable environment to escape from your everyday life, this is it. Rainbow Serpent is Australia’s nonconformist heaven.

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