Rainbow Serpent is the first to embrace the method of pill-testing at music festivals. 

Apart from the tragic death, 120 people were treated for drug abuse and 9 were hospitalized at Stereosonic this month. This raised the discussion of harm-reduction measures at music festivals; many people rebuke it while others think it might make a substantial difference. Rainbow Serpent is a music festival that takes place in Victoria, Australia.

Festival director Tim Harvey spoke up about new techniques that could be adopted to combat festival deaths like the one at Stereosonic. He said,

“It’s really legislative change that’s preventing us from looking at it. We need some progressive and brave politicians who recognise the current approach isn’t working and can communicate the benefits of changing strategies to the mainstream Australian population.”

An ER doctor also commented on this issue recently. Read more about it here. What do you think of drug-testing at music festivals? Let the Sherp know. Stay tuned for more news.