With the increasing number of drug-related deaths at festivals, a New South Wales police minister has issued an ultimatum to festival promoters – improve safety or risk being shut down for good.

A 23-year-old woman was rushed to a hospital in critical condition after allegedly taking MDMA at Field Day in Sydney on New Year’s Day. This incident led the New South Wales Police Minister Troy Grant, to issue an ultimatum to music festival organizers warning that they would be shut down if they failed to improve safety after recent drug overdoses. He stated, “Enough is enough. This simply has to stop.”


(Image Courtesy : The Daily Telegraph)

The woman, one of several who suffered overdoses during the event in The Domain, was released from St Vincent’s Hospital. In addition, more than 180 people were charged with drug ­offences.

This crackdown follows three drug-related deaths at Sydney music festivals in the past year. Grant also said the Government would work in collaboration with organisers to make improvements. “We will be working together to look at how, if possible, the NSW Government can contribute to making these events more safe for the patrons, but also about putting the onus on these festival organisers to have a better duty of care to the partygoers.”