It’s the place to be this week!

Indie Art Week is hosting its debut this week, across six venues, till the 19th of March and they’re covering a wide range of arts!

Over a 100 indie artists will be featured in seven different showcases – Viewing Room with film screenings, Optik Lounge’s visual gallery, Grey Area which will feature a live stage, the Spotlight theatre and comedy, Drone Den’s sonic art and Bargain X, which will showcase installations, exhibition and a makers market. You can also look forward to the two major after parties as well as a launch event at Khoj for attendees and artists!

Festival Curator, Rohan Kulshreshtha, of RonDog Entertainment  stated, “Indie Art Week is a multidisciplinary conglomeration of gifted individuals. Our features and showcases will take you through a whirlwind of independent works and we aim to be a destination for discovery, as far as multiple Indie art forms are concerned. We also aim to promote collaborative presentations, through the festival which is spread over a week across some intriguing spaces in New Delhi and this would possible be the largest multidisciplinary showcase of original works by indie artists.”

The festival has a few major highlights during it’s duration such as an exclusive look at the Kuru Chronicles book one, Jamblu Launch’s new solo album as well as a live AV performance on a 360 projection scheme called “Sonic Art” and more!

Check out the details below:

Dates:  March 12th 2017 to March 19th 2017

Timing:  4 pm PM & 10 PM (Pls check day wise timings for individual venues below)

Venues: Summer House Cafe, Bandstand, Khoj Arts Gallery, Dhan Mill Compound Warehouses, Auro and Annagram Architects

So head on over to their webpage for the full schedule as well as to get those few remaining tickets.