From Ultra news, fire festivals, Sensation India and more Ultra news, we covered it all!

1. 27 Pictures To Prove Sensation India Was Lit!

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This past weekend was definitely one to remember for dance music fanatics, as the super-event Budweiser Sensation took Hyderabad, India by storm. From the all white dress code, amazing visuals and world class production, we couldn’t get enough. Here’s the proof, yougaiz. See for yourself here!

2. Ultra All Set To Arrive In Hong Kong For The First Time!



Ultra has been giving ample emphasis to Asian countries by cashing in on the growing EDM scene in the world’s largest continent. Their next stop, after invading places like Bali, Korea, Japan and the Philippines, is going to be none other than Hong Kong! See more!

3. 15 Artists That Are Going To Define Ultra Miami!


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The biggest annual spectacle that Miami can boast of is inching closer and closer. Ultra Music Festival gears up for its 2016 edition that promises to be a monster of a festival with its massive lineup and various announcements! See more here!

4. 10 Hilarious Situations We All Go Through Before Going To A Festival

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Just to make you feel better, we’ve made a list of things we all have to undergo leading up to our favourite festival! See more here!

5. Ultra Festival Co-Founder Was On A Cocktail Of Drugs Before Death


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The recently released autopsy reports show that, Alex Omes, the co-founder of Ultra was on a concoction of multiple drugs before his death earlier this year. See more right here!

6. Some Of The Best Carnival Celebrations Around The World!

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As the Carnival season closes to an end, we made a list of the most colourful and debauched (insert wink) carnivals from around the world! Read on

7. Muse Festival Performances That Every Fan Needs To See

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Any Muse fans in the house? The British rock trio is all set to headline at the Glastonbury AGAIN and we cannot be more excited about this. Known for their live performances, we cannot wait to see what they bring to the table this time. Until then, we’ve made a little list of some of the greatest Muse moments in festivals! See more here!

8. March Is All About Crazy Festivals Celebrating The Element Of Fire


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Some people just want to watch the world burn, but fire doesn’t necessarily have to be destructive, evidenced by these three cultural festivals celebrated every March. Read on here!