The recently released autopsy reports show that, Alex Omes, the co-founder of Ultra was on a concoction of multiple drugs before his death earlier this year.

Argentine born Alex Omes, was 43 when he was found dead in his bed on January 12, 2016. This was just one day away from his court appearance in relation to a lawsuit against Russell Faibisch (co-founder of Ultra). Alex’s brother, Carlos, told the Miami New Times,“Foul play has not been ruled out. It seems just too much of a coincidence that [the case] didn’t even make it to the first day in court.”


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Alex’s cause of death has still not been determined but it could very well be the side effect of having amphetamines, ketamine, cocaine and trace amounts of GHB all at once in his system. The autopsy also showed an enlarged heart, liver and swelling around the brain due to excess fluid as well as fluid in his lungs. If all these drugs were consumed voluntarily, it is a shame. A festival having an anti drugs stance while the co-founder himself uses, seems a tad hypocritical and either way it’s still against the law.

Carlos has continued the lawsuit filed by his brother against Ultra which ruled in favour of the festival earlier this year. According to the ruling, due to non existence of an employment contract between Omes and Ultra, his estate had no rights to the event. This ruling is currently being fought against and has been appealed in court.
—– (Source : Fox News)