This past weekend was definitely one to remember for dance music fanatics, as the super-event Budweiser Sensation took Hyderabad, India by storm. From the all white dress code, amazing visuals and world class production, we couldn’t get enough. Here’s the proof, yougaiz.


1. The Sherp kicked off his Sensation experience with some buds, burgers and delicious DIY cocktails courtesy the hospitable folks at Budweiser. Chef Aditya Bal cooked up a storm at the Buds and Burgers brunch.


(Images : Festival Sherpa)

2. The Bud Hotel was on point! #TurnEverythingUp

3. Gachibowli stadium, in Hyderabad before the big night. Production value : 100%

4. Of course people from the city and all around India perfected #squadgoals.


5. In their fashionable best, of course. All white, errthang.


6. Shoutout to these ladies!

(Images : Sensation/Facebook)

7. A stage that folds in and out? Count us in.

(Images : Sensation/Facebook)

8. The general consensus.

sensation facebook7

(Image : Sensation/Facebook)

9. Mr White’s set send the crowd into a tizzy

sensation facebook6

(Image : Sensation/Facebook)

10. Preach!

sensation facebook13

(Images : Sensation/Facebook)

11. Axwell in his element!

(Images : Sensation/Facebook)

12. A visual treat with fireworks, amazeballs production and more splendour!