Ultra has been giving ample emphasis to Asian countries by cashing in on the growing EDM scene in the world’s largest continent. Their next stop, after invading places like Bali, Korea, Japan and the Philippines, is going to be none other than Hong Kong!

The Road To Ultra franchise has been a successful one, bringing mini-Ultra experiences to cities that have never witnessed the full-blown spectacle. At the end of its aftermovie for RTU Macau, they teased an arrival to China’s most well-known cosmopolitan city, but that’s all.

Ultra has been bringing in some of the biggest acts to Asian countries, further cementing the importance of the continent to electronic music. With an ever-expanding fan base and increased economic development, Asia is the next big area where electronic music should fully spread its wings.


(Courtesy: Rukes)

With several Asian cities having a variant of Ultra, an Indian edition remains hopeful. India is no stranger to Ultra though; the festival property was in Mumbai last year when they brought in Nic Fanciulli as a part of its famed Resistance tour.

There are no further details on when or where in Hong Kong it’s going to happen, so stay tuned for more details!