Any Muse fans in the house? The British rock trio is all set to headline at the Glastonbury AGAIN and we cannot be more excited about this. Known for their live performances, we cannot wait to see what they bring to the table this time. Until then, we’ve made a little list of some of the greatest Muse moments in festivals!

1. When The Edge joined Muse on the Glastonbury stage

Festival goers in the 2010 Glastonbury were sorely disappointed to find out that U2 were cancelling their headlining slot due to Bono injuring his back. But in an attempt to make up for this let-down, U2 lead guitarist The Edge decided to join Muse, who were brought in to fill U2’s shoes as the headliners. What followed next was sheer awesomeness as some of the best musical talent of our times came together to perform Where The Streets Have No Names by U2. Watch as the crowd loses their minds as they comprehend the historical moment they are witnessing!

2. Reading and Leeds Festival, 2011.

Muse gave one of their most thrilling performances at Reading and Leeds Festivals in 2006 and so it was with much higher expectations and hopes that they were welcomed back to headline the festivals in 2010. Just wrapping up their Resistance tour, the band decided marked the 10th anniversary of Origin of Symmetry with performing at the festivals. The buzz around the headliners reached the point where competitions had to be held for the tickets, where participants were asked for Muse t-shirt designs and answer questions. Following all the hype, the band gave one of their best performances till date. Filled with heavy production and insane light shows, Muse cemented its names as one of the all-time festival favorites as they covered bits of Nirvana, AC/DC and Deftones. One of the best moments of the night was when they combined Stockholm Syndrome and Helsinki Jam. Watch and marvel at their perfection.


3. Main Square Festival, 2015.

If Muse  is known for one thing, it would be matching their insane sound with some equally crazy live performances. The band has won countless awards for their on-stage production and they don’t seem to be running out of ideas any time soon. One of the most recent examples would be the smashing performance they treated the audience to in the Main Square Festival in 2015. Their rendition of Plug In Baby at the festival are some of the most awesome and nerve wrecking minutes in rock history. Go ahead. Treat yo’self to the magic that is Muse.

4. When they covered Lithium by Nirvana at Lollapalooza Brasil, 2014.

That Muse has been heavily inspired by Nirvana is common knowledge. Matt and the others have credited Kurt Cobain for their sound in more than a few interviews. So when they were performing on Cobain’s death anniversary, they decided to surprise fans with a little tribute. And boy, what an emotional moment it was (excuse Matt’s singing a little bit, he was down with severe laryngitis when performing this).

P.S. A surprise Dom Howard talking about the band and their music in the beginning.

5. One of their very first performances at Battle of the Bands.

Not a very popular video, this is Muse before they made it really, really big. Uploaded on Youtube by Miky Dunn who had the great fortune to actually be there, this is one of the very first performances by a band that will later forge a fiery path in rock history. Their second Battle of the Bands, both of which they won (obviously), this was the beginning of it all for the rock legends.

P.S. Yes, that shiny haired kid IS Matt Bellamy.