Plan your summer getaway, check out the beautiful picture diary of SulaFest ’16 or watch some great festival documentaries over the weekend!

1. The SFX Debacle : How The TomorrowWorld Organisers Toyed With Electronic Music

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The downfall of SFX Entertainment, the company responsible for several electronic events, one of which is TomorrowWorld, is setting back electronic music by margins – See more.

2. A Glorious Picture Diary Of The Beautiful SulaFest ’16

The Sherp’s still drunk off the weekend he had, accompanied by great company, food, music, sunny skies and fantastic SulaFest vibes! – See more.

3. Heading To A Festival In The Hills This Summer? Here Are Some Great Stay Options!

While you’re planning summer getaways to these picture-perfect hills, here’s a concise guide to help you along. – See more.

4. Untapped Indian Destinations Perfect For A Camping Festival

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The Sherp has chronicled ten stunning destinations that should be booked for the next fresh camping festival in the country. – See more.

5. The Future Theory Lineup Might Just Get Even Bigger!


The Future Theory Festival will be featuring a certain ‘living legend of techno’ for the first time in India! – See more.

6. Check Out This Surreal Fan Made Art Video Of Burning Man


This artist has altered the way we look at photographs, and how! – See more.

7. Lace Up For The World’s First Running Music Festival!


Held over 35 locations in North America, the Night Nation Run combines a marathon for charity and full blown concerts. – See more.

8. 8 Remarkable Festival Documentaries To Binge Watch This Weekend

EDC Las Vegas - Day One 6.21.13

Take a look at some of the greatest documented moments of festival history! – See more.