The Sherp has chronicled ten stunning destinations that should be booked for the next fresh camping festival in the country.

India is taking to its camping festivals, oh so well. The success of music festivals with camping such as Storm, SulaFest, Enchanted Valley Carnival, Nariyal Paani and The Lost Party prove that a camping music festival is the next big thing to grow popular in this country. And India has no dearth of amazing locations to accommodate the same. We bring you a list of stunning destinations that would prove a perfect backdrop to a camping and music festival, each uniquely delightful in its own way.

Kerala’s backwater bliss

The stunning backwaters of Kerala witness calmth and drama in equal measure. The still water of the lagoons sometimes witnesses the theatrical upheaval of the rivers, making for a sight that promises nature’s ascetic foothold in every manner. Bordering this labyrinth are several towns and cities, blessed with the smell of the river and green of the rainforest. A modest, independent festival with camping will find itself at home to the sound of the rushing waters, where a handful of people can play witness to God’s own country.

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The ethereal Kaas Plateau at Western Ghats

Who’d say that a magical accumulation of flowers would be Japan’s alone? For the rustic slopes of the Western Ghats in Maharashtra house one such, almost transcendental, spot that has wild flowers blooming with colourful abandon, lending Kaas Plateau an almost celestial air. Every year, during the month of August and September, the plateau, located at a height of 1200 metres, becomes the hotbed to various types of wild flowers, the colours of which lend the place unreal beauty. A boutique camping festival at Kaas Plateau would be visually stunning.

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The southern Kashmir at Lambasingi, Andhra Pradesh

You needn’t travel all the way up north for a winter excursion, because a camping festival aiming for winter’s cold sojourn could be held at Lambasingi in Andhra Pradesh. Dubbed the ‘Kashmir of Southern India’, the location records really low temperatures during the winters and would prove a great backdrop for a rural camping festival. Its small town austerity would be a modest accompaniment to a camping festival as such.

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India’s Switzerland : Khajjiar near Dalhousie

For people who’ve been to Himachal Pradesh and even Dalhousie, would be well aware of the very popular tourist attraction that is Khajjiar. As stunning as the green locales of Switzerland flanked by Indian cinema, Khajjiar would prove immensely successful as a location for an exotic camping festival. Its green expansive planes would be perfectly suited to set up tents and have late night community bonfires and barbecue stations.

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The otherworldliness at Nubra Valley in Leh

Nubra Valley in Leh is a much ridden through part of the typical Leh-Ladakh excursion. But, what can be considered is how useful it would prove as a scenic backdrop to a rather tough, organic camping festival, one that would require its campers to embrace the largeness of its expanse and tough it out. Lapped by the Himalayas, on all sides and flanked by the starlit night skies, a camping festival at Nubra Valley would attract the traveler who doesn’t mind a tough night.

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Gokarna’s idyllic stupor

Gokarna is what Goa was many years ago. This is exactly what has made the rather demure beach-side very popular among India’s more modest travelers and foreigners alike. A beach camping and music festival would find itself perfectly at place in Gokarana, where it could attract the hippies and free thinkers, alike. From an indie, acoustic set to a psytrance festival, with camping to boot, Gokarna would prove the much flexible host.

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Across the sea to Andaman

Speaking of beach festivals, India urgently could do with a luxury camping festival that would sail you across the sea to the pristine sand beaches of Andaman for an exclusive, niche camping experience that would curtail enjoying the rather low-key vibes and overwhelming beauty of Andaman.

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The science wonder that is the Lonar Crater

Here is a wonder in Maharashtra, who daunting beauty we have long ignored. A crater lake formed because of a meteorite, the Lonar Crater is a wonder by itself, and is the third largest salt-water lake in the world. Surrounding the lake are several temples that only lend it austerity and wonder. A creatively-inspired camping festival along its boards could be both, educative and profound.

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