This artist has altered the way we look at photographs, and how!


Burning Man is probably one of the most spectacular festivals to happen with countless visitors claiming to have a transformational experience after attending the festival. For those who can’t attend the festival, stunning photographs have always been a faithful resource but Photographer/Digital Artist Ari Farooy has taken it to another level. Using a technique that he calls “digitally animated photographs,” people can look at the visuals from a whole different perspective.




Check out the video/digitally animated photographs here :

The video was uploaded on Ari’s channel on Vimeo in which he says, “This past year was my second Burning Man in a row, and once again my mind was fucking blown. For my video project, I decided to use all of my 2015 photos, as well as some of my 2014 photos, and bring them to life through the experimental technique of digital animation. My photographs illustrate my surreal experiences at the festival, often using my imagination to alter reality.”

You can check the original photographs HERE.