The Sherp’s still drunk off the weekend he had, accompanied by great company, food, music, sunny skies and fantastic SulaFest vibes! Here’s pictorial proof of some of the madness that ensued at India’s most exciting gourmet wine festival, this past weekend!

1. Getting there, left us impatient. This is how much Nasik and the rest of India loves SulaFest!


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2. But a wait most definitely worth it. Especially when you’re treated to views like this!

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3. Walking through the festival, you’d find yourself staring at some pretty cool art..

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4. And even better decor!

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5. While some basked in the sun, in their fashionable best…

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6. Some indulged in wine tasting and grape stomping…

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7. Some posed with their favourite superhero..

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8. And the rest indulged.

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9. SulaFest’s Tent City’s camping game was on point, as the little camping village was situated at a sweet spot by a pond. Props to Let’s Camp Out, for this!


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10. Now let’s talk about the music, shall we?

We couldn’t get enough of Madboy/Mink’s groovy tunes, dance moves and hilarious visuals!


11. The Cat Empire’s energy was palpable, with almost everyone in the audience swaying to their music.


12. Kailasa. ‘Nuff said.


13. Luna City Express slaying it at the Atmasphere stage!



14. Confetti skies, graced every awesome Sula performance!

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15. Balkan Beat box made us all bounce!

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16. Pretty lights and amazing vibes, here’s to SulaFest 2016!