Had a busy week? No worries! Catch up with all things festival, via The Sherp’s Top Stories Of The Week!

1. Youtube Sensations Boyce Avenue Are On This Year’s Stage 42 Lineup!


(Image Courtesy : variety.com)

Stage 42, OML’s festival of “real world comedy and music performances” is back again with its initial lineup featuring some staple favourites and exciting new faces. Read More Here.

2. 11 Things We Absolutely Loved About Vh1 Supersonic 2015


(Image Courtesy: VH1 Supersonic Facebook/Legero)

This year’s Vh1 Supersonic was an incredible whirlwind of great music and greater vibes. Read More Here.

3. A Festival That Makes Attendees Experience Music In The Dark


(Image Courtesy : Flickr/Alexandra Farias)

Unlike conventional music festivals which focus on an A/V experience, the Tape Music Festival leads the audience into darkness, only surrounded by 24 loudspeakers. Read More Here.

4. Udaipur’s New World Music Festival Looks Quite Promising


(Image Courtesy : Wikipedia)

The Udaipur World Music Festival pegged to be “a dynamic and unmatched festival in all its facets” will be hosted by the Lake City this February. Read More Here.

5. 8 Practices Of The West That Indian Music Festivals Can Emulate

Coachella facebook 2

(Image Courtesy : Facebook/Coachella)

Before you think we’re suggesting plagiarism, allow The Sherp to explain the many exemplary methods of the west that Indian music festivals can seek inspiration from. Read More Here.

6. The 7 Most Glorious Cruise Festivals To Attend This Season


(Image Courtesy : tonedeaf.com)

From power-packed lineups to wild boats parties, here’s The Sherp’s definitive list of cruise festivals you should hop on to! Read More Here.

7. 2015 : The Year That Indian Festivals Came Of Age


(Image Courtesy : Festival Sherpa/Jeethendra Saran)

As we stand here, marking the commencement of yet another year for festivals in India, we take a moment to look back at how wonderful the year of 2015 has been for them. Read More Here.

8. 15 Things Your Mother Would Say If You Took Her To A Festival

Music Festival Central

(Image Courtesy : Music Festival Central)

If you were to take your mother to a festival, this is what we think she’ll have to say about that chic, amazing and rather quirky affair. Read More Here.