We all love our mothers, but still, even the coolest and sassiest of moms can be a bit overbearing at times.

1. Shall I take out the sandwiches I packed for you? 

Why are you eating all this expensive food? 

It’s not even healthy! 

Health, is wealth!

Food GIF


2. No! Don’t go there, it’s not safe, and don’t look at those people there, they’re up to no good ~

 Are they doing things they’re not supposed to be doing?

Shall we tell their parents? 

If you ever, do anything of the sort – you’re going to be in a lot of trouble! 


3. Are you cold? Shall I fetch a jacket????

My motherly instincts, are on point.

You’re going to catch a cold if you get wet in the rain here! 

Be Careful.

Love never dies, does it?

Caring Mother GIF

4. Are those really your friends? 

*Totally judging*

Is this how I raised you? 

Judging You GIF

5. I think I might need a drink before I head over there…

A woman’s gotta do, what she’s gotta do.

And well, she got the preparation bit right.

Need a Drink GIF

6. Is your phone charged? 

It isn’t, is it?

Technology these days! 

Always listen to your mother.

Shame On You GIF

7. I’m a really cool mom, okay? I could buy you a drink if I wanted!

I’m the only one that will allow this! Or even be here and not call the cops!

Obviously, cool is something not-easily attainable in the motherly realm.

Cool Mom GIF

8. Back in the day, festivals used to be about so much more! 

We would have done this so differently! 

Oh, the woes of nostalgia.


(Image Courtesy: QuickMeme)

9. “Mom, I’m going over there” – Do you want me to come with you? 

Well, of course I will accompany you everywhere you go!

Don’t lose me! Hold my hand!

*Hangs head in shame* 

Mothers GIF

10. Is this what they call dub-step? 


Party Animal Mom GIF

11. Am I supposed to head-bang right now?? 

There’s never a bad time to start.

Head Bang GIF

12. OMG OMG is that ABBA? 

I saw them live when I was about your age! 

Familiar faces solicit so much more excitement!


13. Why is she sitting on his shoulders? 

And what is he doing there? OMG!

Festivals are the hot bed of perplexity, especially for those unseasoned visitors!


14. No Slouching! 

Etiquette, never forget.

Class, always wins.

Stay Straight GIF

15. I told you we should’ve used the loo before we entered!

The lines are huge!

Why are there so many people here!?

Welcome, to festival madness mommy.

I Told You So GIF

(All GIFs Courtesy: Giphy)