Here are the biggest highlights from this week!

New Year approaches, with the promise of some spectacular festivals. Take a look at some of the biggest headlines in the world of music festivals as the last week of 2015 comes to an end.

1. There’s A New EDM Festival On A Cruise Ship, And It Sounds Hella Fun 


Shipsomnia will take people from Singapore to Phuket and back on a cruise ship! See more here.


2. Goa Will No Longer Host Any Major Music Festivals Next December


There won’t be any EDM festivals in Goa between December 15 to January 15 next year. Read more here.


3. Is Tomorrowland Heading To Spain In 2016?


One of the largest franchises in the music festival world may be taking over yet another city. Read the full stoy here.


4. 10 Outrageous Things We Overheard At Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival This Year


The Sherp has brings back some hilarious tales from the Enchanted Village, this year. The the full feature here!


5. The Japanese Penis Festival You All Are Dying To Know About

Image Courtesy:

Image Courtesy:

From penis shaped idols, carved fruit and lollipops Kanamara Matsuri in Japan celebrates the virility of penises quite unabashedly! Read more here.


6. Thailand’s Full Moon Party Ends With Ravers Completely Trashing The Beach

full moon party 3

There was nothing pretty about the venue after the event. Read more here!


7. The Most Epic Debut Festivals Of 2015

Burning Man 2014 : The Good, The Bad And The Beautiful

2015 was an amazing year in the world of music festivals, and we have proof. Read the full feature here!


8. Fascinating Cultural Festivals We Discovered This Year

Afropunk facebook 3

From menstruation festivals and rubber duck championships to black culture celebrations, The Sherp discovered many interesting festivals this year!Read more here.