This could either be very exciting news, or a cruel “Fool’s Day” joke.

One of the largest franchises in the music festival world may be taking over yet another city. After setting up spectacular editions in Beligium, Brazil and Atlanta (as TomorrowWorld), the festival is reportedly heading to Madrid, Spain on July 25. According to an announcement in the Resident Advisor, Cuidad Del Rock in Madrid will be host to yet another one of the larger-than-life, fantasy-themed events.

But there’s a catch. There’s no announcement on the TomorrowLand website, and since December 28 is also “Fool’s Day” in Spain, it might just be a joke to get people’s hopes up! We don’t know whether the announcement is real, but keep an eye on The Sherp for more updates on this front.

tomorrowland(Image via: Tomorrowland/Facebook)