There won’t be any EDM festivals in Goa between December 15 to January 15 next year.

This year, two of the largest festivals in India – Sunburn and VH1 Supersonic, are happening around the same time, close to the end of the year. This has caused a lot of issues with security and overcrowding, since this is peak season for Goa tourism in general. Laxmikant Parsekar, Chief Minister of Goa, granted the two festivals conditional permission to continue as planned this year, but has said that their dates should not clash in 2016.

“I called both the organisers and told them that this would not be tolerated. The dates of both the events should not clash and they should be conducted before December 15 or after January 15 from the next year.Β The government is concerned about heavy traffic and security issues in the state during the peak season, when tourist footfalls rise significantly.”


Another problem this can cause is that since this is peak season for tourists to visit the state, the festivals could turn a lot of them away. This year, because the organisers were adamant, Sunburn and VH1 Supersonic continue with their dates between December 27-30. From next year, the decision will not lie solely with the festivals, but will be shared by a government committee.