The Sherp has brings back some hilarious tales from the Enchanted Village, this year.

The music and camping extravaganza that was Bacardi Enchanted Valley Carnival is now over, but the aftermath is just beginning. Amidst the quietude of the Enchanted Village, The Sherp heard whispers from the tents and beyond, that were both strange and outrageous. Here’s a hilarious compilation of what we heard the tribe at BEVC say.


1. “Girl A: I’m so sweaty, ew.
    Girl B: What the fuck, there’s hair stuck to my boobs!”



2. “There’s a fucking boulder here. Right under my ass.”



3. “I’ll see you at the after ke after wala party, bro.”

evc fb3


4. “Can I bum a smoke off you?”
… Literally every person at the festival.

How about no?

no reaction


5. “That joint saved my life, dude. I was on the verge of a breakdown.”



6. “I’m not doing a festival stag again, for sure.”

ladies watch out


7. “Boy A: Who do you think would be the perfect person to travel with?
     Boy B: Some one who doesn’t yell like an overgrown baby. All these entitled
     girls here are like, “Now! I want to enter now!””

give me it


8. “Dude, every hot chick that was at the festival was a white chick.”



9. *man having a conversation with Siri in the dead of the night*

raj siri


10. “Girl A: How’s the bathroom situation?
       Girl B: I haven’t taken a dump in two days.”

you nasty


We look forward to lot more crazy next year!

Check out some stunning pictures from BEVC ’15 HERE.