There have been a lot of exciting updates in the world of festivals this week. From Above & Beyond hinting at a possible acoustic tour in India, to stories about wacky Weekender experiences, there has definitely been a lot going on. Here are The Sherp’s top picks from this week!


1. A Captivating Photoblog Of A Multicultural Band’s Experience At Ziro Festival Of Music


In a fitting and lovely photoblog, photographer Nicole Alice captured some poignant moments of NORTH (an Indian alternative rock band) and their trip to the picturesque valley and Ziro Festival of Music. Check it out HERE.


2. Delhi Can Now Host Music Festivals Within The City


This is a first for any Indian city. It also means you won’t have to drive long distances to attend those gigs! Know more HERE.


3. People Confess Their Wackiest Experiences From Bacardi NH7 Weekender


You know what makes Bacardi NH7 Weekender the craziest festival in India? Read to find out, HERE.


4. Above & Beyond’s Acoustic Show Might Just Come To India In 2016


The internet has been abuzz with rumours that the band is bringing its acoustic show to India, and Paavo Siljamäki has made it look likely with just one tweet. Know more HERE.


5. Sex & Psychedelia : How Psychedelic Music Festivals Became A Backdrop To Sexual Expression

Music festivals are notorious for the amount of sexual shenanigans that prevail. But how much sex is too much? Read more HERE.


6. Woman Falls Overboard At The First Mad Decent Boat Party


The much anticipated dance music cruise was cancelled midway when a woman allegedly jumped overboard. Read more HERE.


7. Angry Indian Goddesses Gets Rave Reviews At Film Festivals


This wacky, yet extremely relatable story of seven Indian women bagged the People’s Choice Award at the Rome Film Fest! Know more HERE.


8. Here Are The Five Artists That Make Johnnie Walker The Journey An Absolute Must


This year’s Johnnie Walker The Journey boasts of a gravity-numbing artist, post-rock giants, an ambient wizard, a synth pop legend and a cinematic masterpiece. Read more HERE.