There is no doubt that the Ziro Valley of Arunachal Pradesh, is the perfect and gorgeous setting for an organic celebration like Ziro Festival of Music. Every year, the promoters bring together a curious and pleasant mix of artists from across India to perform at the festival, where the culture of the Apatani people is also explored. In a fitting and lovely photoblog, photographer Nicole Alice captured some poignant moments of NORTH (an Indian alternative rock band) and their trip to the picturesque valley and Ziro Festival of Music.

“Ziro was by far the most enthusiastic crowd we’ve had. It’s an amazing feeling to have over 1,500 people going nuts for what we’ve put our heart and soul into.”

For those of you who don’t know, NORTH is a band formed in new Delhi by Songwriter Jordan Johnson, Electric Guitarist Shobith John, and drummer Akshay Deokuliar, who were later joined by  Zoe Ray and Sean Tuckey on Vocals and Bass. Their music can be described as a more soulful form of alternative rock, as the band members themselves derive inspiration from varying genres. As a fairly new group, NORTH has managed to capture and hold the attention of dedicated fans from across India – a number that steadily grows. With members that have played at many venues across the world in countries like New Zealand, Thailand , South Africa, Nepal and England there is a steady chance that this project can be the next big thing emerging from the Indian Indie scene.

1. The band’s journey to Naharlagun in Arunachal Pradesh was a long, yet gratifying one.



2. “An eight hour bus ride through waterfalls, jungles and landslides. It really was the ‘journey of a lifetime”


3. Off to soundcheck, a few fields away.



4. That horizon and those fields are everything.



5. A green room, in the most literal sense.



6. Prep



7. The vocalist, Zoe Ray and her magnificent skirt.



8. A mid-day soundcheck for a band that includes members from varying nationalities, who came together by their love for blues, soul and alt-rock.



9. Vocalist and keyboardist Zoe, spun some soulful magic that night.



10. Lead vocalist and guitarist Jordan, really feeling that music.



11. The band played for a good 1500 people, who were quite taken up by what the group had to offer.

“Ziro was brilliant. It will be one of those memories I keep going back to. It’s an incredibly special part of the world, beautiful and serene. To have a music festival in the middle of that is perfection. The other bands playing were great. I think good music inspires, and seeing and hanging out with class acts like The Koniac Net, Run! It’s the kid, Nicholson, Pilgrim, F’16’s and many others making music live was inspirational.” – Sean Tuckey






(Images Courtesy : Nicole Alice Photography)