You know what makes Bacardi NH7 Weekender the craziest festival in India? 

Every edition of Weekender that you will ever attend is an experience in itself. With distinct musical journeys, you’re bound to also bump into the most exclusive kind of people there are. Truly, Weekender has it all. The music, the culture, the social bonhomie, the avid geekverse, the fashionably brilliant and the wackos. And it is due to this all-immersive nature that several Weekender attendees, over the years, have walked away with some real crazy experiences.

We pick the best of the lot!

1. Here’s why Scribe is one of India’s favourite bands!

The ‘Wall of Death’ by Scribe was undoubtedly the best experience. A ‘Wall of Death’ is when they split the crowd into two and have them run towards each other when the song starts, which in this case was ‘I Love You Pav Bhaji’. It was UNREAL.

It’s one of those experiences that I’d watch on YouTube during a Lamb of God concert in Europe or the US and go like *whoaaaa*, so when Scribe decided to do it in Pune, the crowd absolutely lost it. Crowd-surfing at the Nucleya gig was epic too! I know you asked for one experience but #Yolo #Thuglyf.

Shubhang Bhattacharya, Pune

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2. Weekender can be quite the experience alone, too!

So, we were staying at a house where we had a massive pre-gaming session and we were trashed and networks were horribly fucked at the festival, as you would know. We knew we’d get lost and hence decided a meeting point at a particular time. People went in, and each person had an individual experience and a crazy fucking time, and somehow, out of somewhere each person trudged back to the meeting point at 6 PM. One more round of drinks, and then we disappeared again into the festival

Point being there was so much to do, so many different choices of artists, and we all got to do it, and we did it together despite not being together!

Bunty Chellani, Mumbai


3. And if you’re at a festival, things are bound to get slightly creepy at some point!

This one time during Weekender, right in the middle of the set, I got my beard stroked by a really drunk dude who then told me how nice it is. I suddenly realised how hard girls might have it at music festivals.

Siddharth Satyajit, Mumbai

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4. When some people got super creative, unfortunately so!

So this one time, we parked our car far away from the Weekender entrance, and upon reaching the entrance, we realised that we didn’t leave our “stuff” behind in the car, and we obviously didn’t want it to be taken away from us at the security. So a friend had an idea to actually dig some ground, and hide it there, and she marked the spot with a plant.

Obviously, that didn’t work.

At the end of the day, a bunch of us were on the ground, digging up mud wherever we thought our wealth was hidden. And everyone exiting the ground was treated to what they assumed zoned out teenagers digging up mud.

Srushti, Pune

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5. And super drunk to think straight.

This, was three years back at the EDM arena of Weekender. Sure, with Bacardi buckets around, people are drunk aplenty. But I once saw a guy trying to take a 3D selfie of himself, by wearing 3D glasses, and positioning a DSLR in front of his face.

Abhinn Shreshtha, Mumbai

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6. And hey, everything goes at Weekender!

One of the funniest things that happened at Weekender is that I ran into my boss, who had no idea that I was ditching work for a music festival. It was awkward, and scary, obviously, but he was remarkably chill about it.

We ended up partying together!

Prateek, Mumbai

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7. Even if it’s jumping on your favourite musician –

2011 was an exciting time. My friend Abhishek and I were pretty chuffed to watch Imogen Heap perform at weekender. So much so that we convinced our whole bunch of friends to travel from Bombay to Pune for it. An hour prior to Imogen’s performance the two of us were walking (stumbling, more like it) from the Bacardi Arena to the Dewarist stage. On our way there I spotted this tall and beautiful woman in a black and white sari walking towards me. The minute I realized that was Imogen Heap herself, I ran up to her and actually JUMPED on her and hugged her. This obviously scared the shit out of her, and while she was trying to make polite incoherent sentences, I screamt ‘OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, YOU ARE JUST THE BEST’. Poor Imogen, I’m sure she’s scarred forever.

Sukriti Menon, Hyderabad


8. Or even grinding to Dubstep –

Here’s something I will never forget. So last year, in 2014, a couple of friends and I were way too excited for the Foreign Beggars set; some good ol’ drum and bass that we could dance to. The atmosphere too was pumped up, as fans yelled and jumped to the beats. But right then, in my line of vision was a couple. The guy was, perhaps, over 6 feet tall, and the girl under 4 feet, easily. And they were trying to grind each other. AT A FOREIGN BEGGARS SET. Apart from the fact that it was misplaced enthusiasm, their poor attempts at trying to get their crotch and butt together is a sight forever ingrained in my memory.

Seher, Mumbai

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9. It also had moments of profound energy (replete with grinding) – 

It was a music buffet for me. Only thing is that I had to walk a bit from one stage to another. There were so many people, I thought we could start a riot but you know the crowd. I got high and lied down. I looked towards the sky. The white clouds were turning into spectrum of colours and shifted its shape according to the beats. People seemed happy. They had smiles on their faces. On top of that it was a full moon night. The moon shone gracefully. A girl was grinding me from front and a Sardarji asked for lighter as Sahej Bakshi dropped the bass.

Sanket Ray, Mumbai

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10. And of love, and threesome. 

Would you be interested in knowing that I got a couple back together after the guy saw me making out with the girl?

It helped that he was drunk too. The three of us, after the initial shock, sat down and watched the last act of the weekend play. Good bonding, that.

Rohan, Mumbai

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