It’s been a fascinating week in the world of festivals, from discovering groundbreaking new ways of sneaking contraban into a festival venue to Burning Man outcasting EDM as a whole, here are the some of the most viewed stories:  

1. 5 Cringe-Worthy Rants Delivered By Artists At Music Festivals – See more at


Check them out HERE.


2. This Raghu Dixit Anecdote At The Larmer Tree Festival Will Make Your Heart Melt



Warning: You may hawl your eyes out. Full story HERE.


3.The Mud Rush 2015 : What You Can Expect From India’s Premiere Mud Run 


Take a break from your mundane city life and indulge in a gruelling mud run by the beautiful Dudhani Lake in Silvassa. Details HERE.


4. Find Out The Most Professional Way To Sneak Alcohol Into A Festival 

sneak alcohol

Really wanna know? Head HERE.


5. Check Out The Russian Festival Main Stage That’s Giving Tomorrowland A Run For Their Money 

alfa future

Find out more about the Russian tech festival HERE.


6.Burning Man To Create A Separate Space For EDM 

burning man separate edm

Click HERE to know why.


7. Chennai’s Exotic EDM Festival Just Released Their 2015 Dates 


Dates HERE.


8. 7 Tried And Tested Ways OF Sneaking ‘Contraban’ Into Festivals 

sneaking contraban

The ultimate hacks are HERE.