In the wake of India’s largest religious gathering, the Central Railway will provide extra halts at Nashik station. 

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The spiritual significance of the Kumbh Mela is not being taken lightly, as India’s Central Railway service has ensured that pilgrims heading to the Kumbh Mela from all across the country are allowed easy access to the town of Nashik from August 10 – September 30.

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The railway service will provide halts at Nashik for 20 trains, which do not usually stop at the station. CR is also making special arrangements for the pilgrims attending this year’s Kumbh Mela. Additional coaches will also be added to some of the trains according to railway officials. Here’s a list of the train numbers that will have this extra halt:

11059 LTT-Chhapra, 12101 LTT-Howrah, 12153 LTT-Habibganj, 12362 CSTM-Asansol, 12542 LTT- Gorakhpur, 12546 LTT-Raxaul, 12598 CSTM-Gorakhpur, 15548 LTT- Jayanagar, 22511 LTT-Kamakhya, 22865 LTT-Puri,  11060 Chhapra-LTT, 12102 Howrah-LTT, 12154 Habibganj-LTT, 12361 Asansol-CSTM, 12541 Gorakhpur-LTT, 12545 Raxaul-LTT, 2597 Gorakhpur-CSTM, 15547 Jayanagar-LTT, 22512 Kamakhya-LTT and 22866 Puri-LTT

The trains wil five additional second class coaches include:

167/12168 LTT-Varanasi Express, CSTM-Nagpur Nandigram Express, LTT-Hazur Sahib Nanded Express, LTT-Azamgarh Express, LTT-Gorakhpur Express, LTT- Ajni Express, LTT- Nizamabad Express, LTT-Sultanpur Express

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(Source: Economic Times)